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Decorative & Designer Film

Interior glass can be transformed into exciting and practical works of art with Films Decorative and Designer Films. The effects you achieve are limited only by your imagination. The expanded range includes Dusted/Frosted Crystal and Haze/Sandblast that provide acid etched and sand-blasted effects on glass offering different levels of opacity and/or glitter effects.

They offer a solution that is more elegant, cost effective and versatile than traditional sand-blasted or acid-etched glass. Customised designs and graphics are easily achieved allowing maximum creative flexibility. Glass partitioned offices take on a brilliant new look too, providing privacy without the ‘closed in’ feeling or the expense and maintenance of traditional curtains or blinds.

The Benefits

  • Enhance the look and feel of your business or home.
  • For exterior or interior use.
  • Print logos, graphics, unique designs on existing glass partitions.
  • An innovative alternative to the expense and appearance of conventional blinds and upkeep.
  • Customised, flexible, full-colour design films can be printed and applied easily.
  • Custom design service available.

Decorative & Designer Window Film
Decorative & Designer Window Film

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